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Patriot Lady, also known as Ellie Nape, was raised on a farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  This rural upbringing became the foundation for her Patriotism and love for our country.
After graduating from Waymart High School, Ellie enrolled at Kutztown University where she graduated with a degree in Biology.  She became a teacher and still continues to substitute teach at various school districts in Northern Ohio.
An avid gardener, she enjoys planting and caring for her flowers and vegetable garden.  Recycling is a high priority with her and hates to throw away something that can be used again or taken to a recycling center.
Sewing and displaying her "Accents" at Craft Shows occupies a lot of her time.  Needless to say, some of her accents are patriotic in design.  More information about Accents by Ellie can be found by visiting the page located in the top menu.
Ellie has 2 grown children and is currently married to Dale who also happens to share her Patriotic beliefs.  Both believe that our country is the greatest on Earth and offers opportunities that cannot be found in other countries.

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