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Granger man raises concerns about proposed SR 18 project by Jon | on February 06, 2020

To the editor:

To anyone not fully aware of the scope of the Menards store and shopping center being proposed in Granger Township, this shopping center will be bigger than Summit Mall and will impact not only the residents of Granger Township, but also residents of Bath, Sharon, Copley anyone living in the Yellow Creek district, which is prone to flooding. This will also impact anyone traveling state Route (SR) 18 between Interstate 71 and I-77, as well as all the feeder roads, which has not even been considered.

The problem is this project has been pushed through by the Granger Zoning with no regard for the Granger by-laws, the will of the residents, the effect on property values, noise and light pollution, traffic problems, as well as any impact to the surrounding communities and the Yellow Creek flooding situation.

There has been no legitimate traffic study done and/or concern for the water and sewer capacity, as well as the police and fire services needed.

What about the second large parcel that is planned for another big box store and many 2-acre out lots for many other businesses along SR 18 and Medina Line Road? Do you think a large box store like a Meijer supercenter chain open seven days a week, 364 days a year and other businesses like Taco Bell and McDonalds with 24-hour drive through windows would produce more traffic than a warehouse and a dentist office? They have no idea what else will be possibly coming.

There are three Granger Township trustees and one has family that owns a good portion of the property involved and has recused herself. That means two people will consider and make a decision on something that will affect not only the standard of living for Granger residents but for all the previous mentioned communities and residents traveling SR 18. In my opinion, they are totally lacking the information they need, as well as not telling the public the total truth. It has been said many times by the Zoning Board and trustees that their hands are tied, and this is totally not true. What goes into the PDD [Planned Development District] is totally the decision of the township and there is precedent to prove it. Either they are immune to what has been written by the Granger forefathers to preserve the integrity of the township, or they are unqualified to make these decisions.

Please express your thoughts to the Granger Township trustees and/or attend the trustees meeting on March 12 [at 6 p.m.] at the Granger Township Hall at 3717 Ridge Road. (330-239-3611)

Tom Machor, Granger Township

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