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As many of you know, I am opposed to our government interfering in our lives and trying to exert more control then allowed by our Constitution.  Below are some of my opinions on topics that affect all of us.
Stimulus Bill Filled with Pork - One of the great mistakes our country made was passage of the stimulus bill that is supposed to save the economy.  What it has done is to burden generations of our future patriots with massive debt.  The bill is filled with wasteful spending on pork projects.  Many government entities are using the stimulus money to balance their budgets and will face the same shortfalls once the money is spent.  You need to examine the pork contained within the bill. I have provided a .PDF for you to read and save to your computer.  Click Here for the 100 Stimulus Projects: A Second Opinion Report.  The report was produced by Senator Tom Coburn M.D. and is a must read.

Response to Mr. Quinn Hillyer’s article “The Cure for Political Dejection”
American Spectator, July 29, 2010

July 30, 2010

Dear Mr. Hillyer,

Your article yesterday was right on target. Unfortunately I am not as optimistic as you for the future of our country. As I said in an email to Rush when he read your article yesterday, "America died with Terry Schiavo 5 years ago." As that innocent girl withered away when we dehydrated and starved her to death, our culture went with her. That day I was in tears when I asked myself how civilized, educated judges and people in Congress could kill an innocent human being --force a horrible death on a helpless girl that most state laws would not allow us to do to animals!! And during the days leading up to her death, when there was no outrage from millions of other Americans, I knew we were finished as a moral and just nation. The day we killed Terry Schiavo was the day America died. That day I knew I wished to have no grandchildren. That was the day I decided to tell my son and my daughter I would be not be happy to see my progeny grow up in an already depraved culture that would only get worse. So as far as I'm concerned, the garbage that the "Obamanation" and the rest of the politicians are forcing on our country is a class picnic compared to what we did to Terry Schiavo! I believe we have gotten to the point where the “bad people” in our society now out number, or at least, are equal to the “good people.” If you don't believe me, walk into any public high school classroom. As a substitute teacher for the past 18 years in ten different school districts, I see America's future. In public schools, where respect for education is near zero, I see more female cleavage than the local biker bar on a Saturday night, and more male underwear than the locker room at Browns' stadium. I walk into classrooms and have two thoughts:

1. "I hope the state of Ohio is planning to build more jails" and
2. "Parents are now raising their daughters to be whores and their sons to be pimps".

Tell me Mr. Hillyer, where do we go when the bad people out number the good? In the Old Testament the Israelites were taken to the Promised Land. After the death of Christ, the Christians escaped to Europe and the middle east. After the Reformation, Pilgrims, Calvinists, Jews, and other devote religions escaped to North America. Now, Mr. Hillyer, where do righteous folks like you and me go from here? Tell me Mr. Hillyer, how can we ever go back to a society where public schools allow prayer and Bible reading instead of passing out sex and condoms?

So Mr. Hillyer, you can worry all you want about "Political Dejection" and the crassness of politicians and the media, but for me, when I see the trash available to our youth on network and cable TV at night, or see the porn business growing leaps and bounds when churches are being shuttered in city after city, I can't help but feel that America and morality did truly die with Terry Schiavo.

Respectfully yours,

Ellie Nape
Patriot Lady
Akron, Ohio




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