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Welcome to my Opinion Page

As many of you know, I am opposed to our government interfering in our lives and trying to exert more control then allowed by our Constitution.  Below are some of my opinions on topics that affect all of us.
Stimulus Bill Filled with Pork - One of the great mistakes our country made was passage of the stimulus bill that is supposed to save the economy.  What it has done is to burden generations of our future patriots with massive debt.  The bill is filled with wasteful spending on pork projects.  Many government entities are using the stimulus money to balance their budgets and will face the same shortfalls once the money is spent.  You need to examine the pork contained within the bill. I have provided a .PDF for you to read and save to your computer.  Click Here for the 100 Stimulus Projects: A Second Opinion Report.  The report was produced by Senator Tom Coburn M.D. and is a must read.




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