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Military Dog Tag T-Shirts

Camouflage print helmet is connected by silver vinyl “chain” to 2 dog tags. Camouflage colors are brown, beige, green and dark navy and will vary with each helmet.

Dog tags are white and can be personalized with an individual’s name or military I.D. number.

Fabric content for each shirt will vary: 100% cotton; 50/50 cotton/poly blend; or 90/10 cotton/poly blend.

Shirts are available in 3 colors in limited quantities: gray, olive green, brown/green.

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Gray - 90/10 Cotton/Poly Blend

Medium - $15.00

Large - $15.00

X-Large - $15.00

Olive Green - 100% Cotton

XX-Large Only - $18.00

Brown/Green - 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend

Medium - $15.00


X-Large - $15.00

Miscellaneous Patriot T-Shirts

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“You Can't Lose What You Don't Have, Poverty is Economic Security” (100% cotton) - Black

X-Large Only - $15.00

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“God Bless America” (100% cotton) - Maize - Flag Design is Tiny Flowers

Medium Only - $15.00

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“America -- Land of the Free” (100% cotton) - Olive Green

Small Only - $10.00

Patriotic Bandanas

I make and sell bandanas at my ETSY shop.  Besides patriotic bandanas, there are also themed bandanas like Betty Boop, NASCAR, Cartoon Characters, Military & more.

Click Here to visit my ETSY shop

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